Below is a glance at sports on TV, including channels, radio listings and game times for local games and national sporting events for May 20-26, 2019. Frequent TV channel numbers are listed at the bottom of the page. Schedule subject to change and/or blackouts. All times Pacific. The exclusive pieces will be accessible starting Friday, May 10 through May 19 and put the brand's proven minimalist vibes to good use, with a real-life launch set for June. Fans near the Pigalle storefront in Paris will have a shot at scoring a free limited edition Pigalle x NBA Live 20 t-shirt. See a mock-up of the free tee below.

As of April 25, EA’s NBA Live 19 content update arrived to make sure deserving players were rewarded with better player ratings. That included the man that many people believe will win the 2019 NBA MVP Award who is now tied as the best player in NBA Live. If you are you looking for more about NBA Live 20 Ultimate Team Coins check out our website. Giannis Antetokounmpo has continued his rise to superstardom. In addition, there’s the return of Andrew Bogut for the Golden State Warriors, with a surge in his player ratings.

Last September, the NBA 2K19 video game officially arrived to the masses, giving gamers the newest basketball title. It’s now been in rotation for nearly a year, as September 2019 is quickly approaching. That means EA will announce the official cover athlete ahead of the game’s launch. For 2K19, the Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo was on the standard edition while LeBron James was on the special edition of the game. Now as the new edition of the game approaches, here are some NBA 2K20 cover athlete predictions for the potential star.

This is yet another groundbreaking move for EA in this regard. As nice as it is to see the role of females increase in this year's version, fans will have to wait a little longer to see a full WNBA franchise mode, or to have their female character advance to the WNBA the way the male characters in the ONE can ultimately reach the NBA. In NBA Live 18, EA introduced WNBA Play Now functionality. This was a first in basketball video games. In NBA Live 19, EA has taken female inclusion to the next level. The WNBA is still playable in Play Now, but gamers can also create a female character for use in The One mode, and she can compete against the men in the various street ball and Pro-Am games.